Despite COVID-19, Rooftop Solar Still a Good Bet

We all know that the world has almost stopped when the COVID-19 started to inflict illnesses in the global population. All the schools have forced to be done in the house as well as work. Most businesses also have stopped working and some even have closed and shut down entirely as the pandemic reaches its five-month infliction without having any vaccine that can kill it and protect the people.

This has also caused some changes in the roofing companies Fontana. However, while it has negatively impacted most businesses, it was reported that there is an increase by up to 13% of homeowners who find renewable energy for their homes and this includes solar panel sources of energy on the onset of the virus. This is because of the demands of almost all institutions to do studying, work, and businesses at home and online, and the need for energy consumption has drastically changed. And because China, the leading global producer of energy including solar panels, was also the first victim of the virus, this leads to months of projects and deliveries on hold. But still, this has not affected the demand for the solar panels as families are wanting to lessen their energy bills at home as the COVID-19 cases are also surging. According to some reports, now, there is currently a 44% increase in demands when it comes to solar panels.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), in the previous year alone, there was an in increase by up to 40% when it comes to residential and commercial buildings that install solar panels.

Better Technology is Better

Over the past decade, solar panel technology has been in great demand and up until now, there is still no better renewable energy technology that surmounts what solar panels can provide. However, the solar panels themselves have changed and improved. It has become cheaper, better, and more durable.

There are reasons why solar panels have the edge. First, the multi-silicon, which is made for making and building solar panels, have become cheaper. And second, it provides renewable energy for a long time as the materials have also become more durable.

Also, the production of this material has also increased.

The use of solar panels and the increase of safety by both residential and commercial areas has also created an increase in the savings when it comes to energy. Companies also have recognized the importance and benefits of solar panels provide to homes. In fact, Zillow, a popular housing company, has added to heir website a Sun Number metric to their sites that allows the house searcher and buyers to find houses that have good solar panel technology. The site also provides orientation and size of the roof to give an idea of how many solar panels are as well as the number of sunny days in the region.

So, if you think you now need to change your rooftops or remodel something in the house, we recommend that you try installing solar panels on your roof as this will provide many benefits to your house as well last reduce the need for other energy and fuel energy.